Our Partners

We take pride in our partnership with AFAORCA .
AFOARCA stands for “Association of Organic Families from Los Cerros Caraigres, en Aserri, San Jose ,Costa Rica . Established in 1996, Afoarca emerged from the necessity
of producer families to find joint alternatives and solutions for organic farming initiatives.
Currently, Afoarca consists of 24 certified organic producer families; many of this families are relatives of the Koffee Dreams Family . The association spans across the
regions of Aserrí, Acosta, León Cortes, Tarrazu, and Dota, bordering the Caraigres Protected Zone, showcasing their commitment to preserving the surroundings.
The cultivation involves a diverse range of fruits, forestry, and numerous endemic species that serve as a habitat for migratory and resident birds. The farms are
distributed across 20 locations, situated between altitudes of 1200 meters above sea level up to 2200 meters.
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