About us

Meet Karla ,

The visionary mind behind Koffee Dreams Roasters. Originally from Costa Rica and currently residing in Pennsylvania, USA, Karla is infused with an unyielding passion for coffee, culture, and entrepreneurship. With the support of her husband Juan, their children, and great mentors, she began planning this project several years ago when she embarked on her journey as a Coffee Roaster.

With a heart dedicated to supporting farmers, Karla strives to bring a sensitive coffee experience to the world, showcasing the passion and sacrifice of the producers. Her commitment to the coffee community and her determination to highlight their work are the driving force propelling Koffee Dreams Roasters towards success, believing that each cup tells a story of effort, dedication, and unparalleled flavor Her vision transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, infusing the essence of Costa Rica into every cup, thereby sharing the passion, history, and unmistakable taste of coffee.